Many people need a better knowledge of grammar, but have no idea how to go about getting it. I believe everybody has the right to know how sentences work to make meanings – which is what (descriptive) grammar actually is! You also have the right to learn which of the possible alternatives are prescriptively preferred in formal writing, and how these norms are changing.

I can teach you the basics of grammar and give you resources for learning more about it. While working as a technical writer in Finland, I designed and taught a half-day course called Check Your English Writing, which I taught at companies including Nokia. This was the basis for further professional and academic writing modules that I taught to undergraduates at the University of Helsinki, the University of Suffolk, and Queen Mary University of London.

I am experienced in working with students from a variety of languages other than English, as well as mature professionals and technical specialists. I am happy to teach online using Zoom or a similar system.

I can also help you learn to write in a new genre, produce terminology references and style guides, and adapt writing to work to get the message across to the reader in the context where it will be seen.

In most professional genres, clarity and transparency are the goal: the message should be understood quickly and without rereading. In some, such as brand advertising, the goal is to get attention. This kind of writing may be poetic, even puzzling.

I would love to help you work out your writing puzzles.