I am an academic and technical editor with a background in technology, university lecturing, and journalism.

I mainly do copy editing: line by line adjustments for clarity, consistency and style. I can also do structural editing (advice on structure, resequencing, and cutting) and proofreading (final read for typos and inconsistencies). I can work to American, British (mid-Atlantic, z-spelling) or traditional British style standards.

I am used to managing large projects, working on specialized topics, and adjusting texts by speakers of languages other than English. I have worked as a technical writer and copy editor at companies including ICL/Fujitsu and Trantex in Finland; as a business report editor at the Research Board in New York City; and as a freelance editor and translator for a wide range of clients.

I covered telecommunications and manufacturing, including papermaking, at Bloomberg from 2007 to 2012, and am familiar with technical terms in those fields. From 2012 to 2020 I was a lecturer at the University of Suffolk and Queen Mary University of London, teaching modules in linguistics, writing and journalism.

Other academic fields where I have freelance editing experience include forestry (e.g., La Porta et al. 1997; La Porta, Apostolov & Korhonen 1998), psychology (Ceponiene et al. 2002), transportation (Richmond 1998), business and software (Fomin et al. 2011).